Life At This Moment #2 步步惊心

This show was recommended by my sister on last Sunday and I was really hooked after watching the first episode on LeTV (an apps from iphone).

Actually I have been watching a few drama series during the past months (mainly the Taiwanese series) and this drama series from China really set a very deep impression. It’s a great cast!

I love every single role in this series. Every single plot too. And the leading actress’ name 若曦 in this show was once in our name list for Yvette’s Chinese Name. To be honest, I never like cunning plot and I will skip watching those plots but I watched this series without skipping.

So if you are a fan of Nicky Wu, Kevin cheng, it is a show that the fan must watch. If you are not and if you do have time to squeeze for drama series, you can give this series a chance despite this show is sad ending but super touching! It is a show that worth watching.

Maybe I should watch since my ex-boss has highly recommended this series to me. 😛


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