Young Beginner’s Course Term 2 – Lesson 2

They were learning the big box on the right hand during the last lesson. After 2 weeks break, Teacher Elaine proceed to teach big box using left hand. They did craft to illustrate the concept before they moved to the keyboard for practical lesson.

We finally moved the keyboard from our sister in law’s house to our home. Yvette had been diligently practicing the big box using the right hand. Signs of improvement during the lesson won praises from Teacher Elaine. But when come to left hand, she rather shy and weak. That’s will need practice certainly.

Lesson 2 -P1010028

The lesson was really fun today and Yvette followed through. However a very unfortunately Yvette burst into a cry baby at the end of lesson. That was because she wanted to use her own stickers to reward herself after the lesson but we realised that was left home.

I didn’t scold for her because I feel sad for her too. She finally stop crying after D got her the stickers she wants from her favorite bookshop at B1.

Lesson 2 -P1010128


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