Penmanship Skill

Thanks Rachel for teaching me this term. I have no idea about this till she left me a comment on my last post. I think I am not surprise that I didn’t know this term as we are not putting effort to teach Yvette how to write honestly. However, I will still want to find out more about this, so I google.

I learnt from this site that Penmanship skill requires development of fine motor skills and hand strength so practice does not become laborious.

According to this site, it mentions one can begin helping to facilitate penmanship skills long before children will actually be writing. Games that involve fine motor skills can help develop these skills.

I believe allowing this box of beans in her little kitchen helps her in developing such skill. This box of bean was given to her during our home learning lesson. I taught her not to put all these beans into her mouth as they are not cooked and she will have stomachache. And I trust her. So far no accident has happened due to this box of bean.

Pen - IMG_1156

Often she will took out the Ikea bowl to sort out the beans herself and she will count them too. She loves playing with them and usually that could keep her busy for half an hour. And besides playing with this box of beans, I think letting her helping me removing borlotti bean from the shell helps in developing her fine motor skill too.

Other than the fine motor skills, this article also mentions that strength in the hands can improve penmanship and can usually be accomplished through different sporting activities like swimming or climbing on monkey bars. My girl loves all these.

And after reading this article and collecting all the evidences mentioned by this article, I know, her Penmanship skill didn’t happen by chance. It has been nurtured by us over time but we didn’t realise that will help her in developing such skill!

P/S: If your child didn’t like all these activities I mention in my post, just google and there are ton of ideas that help to develop such skill. (It doesn’t have to wait till they are ready, you can make it happen.)


4 thoughts on “Penmanship Skill

  1. Exactly, as long as the child has good fine motor skills and strong fingers, writing becomes a breeze and handwriting would be neat. We do a lot fo fine motor skills activities and games, and hardly do writing practice, only like 4 large numbers a day. And my boy surprised me by drawing simple stick figure of his Daddy! Happy writing! 🙂

  2. Great ideas that u have here, most using the Montessori styles of training their fine motor skills. So true that training penmanship actually doesn’t need to focus on only using a pen/pencil but training their fine motor skills through these activities. Plus I think most kids take these activities like play and will amaze us with the attention span with these!

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