Life At This Moment #1

A quick post, I supposed!

No time, no energy and too lazy to blog. Smile with tongue out

Again, I have been busy. So busy till I have no time to update my site. I have been been extending my contract. From Aug to Oct now my contract will end 31st Dec 2011. I have good bunch of colleagues in this company where I am working now. But a new era is setting off soon too. The new boss is leaving and the existing Assistant Accountant who I am covering most of her job, is also leaving. There will be a fresh team and I wonder will it be the same. Uncertainty. But nevertheless, I have decided I will not renew my contract for another 3 months after Dec 2011.

I want to rest.

I want to blog.

I want Me- Time.

I want to spent more time with Yvette.

I will probably start working after CNY. I am still thinking doing contract role as I really find besides not having much benefit, I am not shouldering more responsibility.

It is peak period in this company now. I work like mad too. Locking down budget figures is not fun. Changes kick in every other day. Files need to be updated as numbers change. Building up new reports, linking the numbers again and again making everyone so stressful. Due to budget, I have learnt a lot of excel formula in this job. It a refresher course for me. Many formulas I have forgotten after I became a housewife.

Ok so much update for myself. Got to run!


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