There Is A Cozy Corner In Our Room

We have set up this bed so long ago and wanting Yvette to migrate there. We have been co-sleeping since she was a baby and feel it is time for her since she been sleeping on her own during nap time in CC.

We didn’t force her to and the approch we have been adopting is – talking to her. We been talking to her but she has never answered to our prayer. This little bed in the room has been serving us good as reading corner for months.

Cosy - P1000542

However, on 02nd Sept, she suddenly told us she wanted to sleep there. Of course eventually she ended up in our bed again for the night. Then on the next day which was on 3rd Sept, she wanted to nap on this little bed.

Cosy - P1000550

It’s a good start at this little cozy corner in our room, I supposed!

Cosy - P1000553

12 thoughts on “There Is A Cozy Corner In Our Room

  1. Hihi,
    mind to share where d u get the bed for Yvette? I’m still thinking whether to get a bed or just mattress for my girl.

  2. Hi sunflower,
    My suggestion is to make the bed as attractive as possible in her eyes. for example put on the bed sheet of her favorite cartoon character (this one works for my boy), put her favourite pillow/bolster there or anything that she likes….as if that’s her castle :). Hope it works ;). But taking a nap there is surely a very good starting. Btw, have your sis come back from holiday? If yes, do you mind to ask her which shop she bought the Peppa pig sticker books from? I haven’t got the time to visit Raffles One you mentioned. Thanks.

    • Yeah, I read about need to change all the bedsheet to their fav cartoon character but the problem is, Yvette doesn’t have any!!! Hahaha

      BTW, my memory fails me this round. Those Peppa Pig stickers book my sister got for Yvette is from a book sales at Chinatown Point not those book store in Raffles.

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