CC Woes?

It is kinda of upsetting when Yvette couldn’t sleep yesterday.

Yvette is a person who find sleeping not importance. She doesn’t want to sleep for nap and even at night despite she is very tired. The situation gets worse after she was attacked by Eczema again. She will either not able to sleep or she will wake up in the middle of the night crying. To be honest, it is really tiring. Sometimes it is always very frustrating. Imagine most kids of her age already sleep thru all night, I have to wake up to wrestle with her crying and the itch.

Yesterday night was depressing. She was already very tired due to medication I have given to her. (She is having some running nose and as well as coughing.) She still didn’t want to sleep despite feeling drowsy. Did I ever mention she is someone that could triumph over the medication effect on her? She will still be very active despite I give two dose of medication (one cough and one running nose medication) that will cause drowsiness. I think most kid will already knock down due to it. (Scary right. I found out her music teacher has the same “problem” like her.)

Anyway, she just couldn’t sleep yesterday. She was crying that no one sleeps with her in school and her friend was snatching her toys. We pacified her. I suspected she was put in the corner. So I told her I will go to school notify her teacher not to let her sleep at the corner. As for the toy, I told her to get to her feet up. I taught her how to stand up herself by: “Friend, snatching is not good. Don’t snatch please. Can I have my toy back?”

She was appeased and finally slept at 11 plus but alas she woke up to cry over the same issue again. It was then 12 plus. This time I could put my mind straight. (It was really disturbing. I mean in the middle of the night waking up to cry over a problem that we have already provided her solution??? I know I didn’t sound like a good mother.) I was so heat up and I put her outside of our room to cry for a few min before I attended to her again.

She gain some awareness after she was out of the room although she was still crying loud. Although this might not be a good method to adopt, but this round, I managed to coax her in less than 10 minutes and all of us were back to our slumber again.


3 thoughts on “CC Woes?

  1. No choice, some kids are like that..Lucas still waking up in the middle of nite and cry! Worst is, I can’t scold him or leave him crying coz, if I do that, little meimei will wake up too. So, no choice, cane come out! Tiring ho..

  2. Sigh… Sleeping woes… we face them all the time since newborn stage. Some kids simply resist sleeping even though they can’t function well from lack of sleep. I need to “force” my boy to nap every day. Even if he doesn’t sleep, he must have quiet time on the bed in a dark room to rest. (He can lie on the bed for 2 hours with eyes wide open!) On other bad days, he can throw tantrum after every 45 minutes of nap, when I need to rest too.

    And he’s such a light sleeper that if he wakes up too early, it takes another 1-2 hours to get his eyes to close again.

    It’s a rare blessing when he sleeps peacefully through his nap and during night.

    No matter what, kids grow and things can only get better. Hang in there! 🙂

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