A Day Off Due To Teacher’s Day

I believe this can never happen if I am working full time. Anyway, I was off. And Yvette was happy to learn she can be at home with me.

I let her sleep till nearly 11 am. She is never a morning person. Breakfast was served shortly to her after I washed her up. We did some home learning before we were off to J8.

We had lunch and she ate something sinful.

She ate half of Tiramisu. She loves it. I can’t stop her!!!

Teacher's Day - IMG_1440

She had ice-cream too.

Teacher's Day - IMG_1443

We had paint art after our lunch!

Teacher's Day  - IMG_1101

She was given a ride.

Teacher's Day - IMG_1103

The most fearful moment happened after this ride. I left my wallet in the toilet at level 3. I realised when I left it there when I was at shop at level 4. I quickly grabbed Yvette and ran my way there. I was so lucky as the person who found my bag was there waiting for me!!! (Imagine I am going to lose something worth of 1k in this bag!!!)

After recovered from the shock, we made our trip to Popular. I gotten some books and puzzle for Yvette as they are selling at great discount for member for Children’s Day. (S$5.90 per box of puzzle. And all the books including the activity books were selling at 2 for S$5).

Teacher's Day (2)

I found some good sticker books but I didn’t buy because I still have many of these at home.

Teacher's Day

She loves the activity book so much and been holding it to read as she walked.

Teacher's Day  - IMG_1107

SO I got to carry her to avoid accident happen!!!


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