Celebrating D’s 41st Birthday

It’s rather easy for us to plan program over weekend as we didn’t have much activity fixed on these two days. I am thinking to remove Chinese Class and add in a Art Class for Yvette but still in the process. Reason of removing Chinese class because Yvette doesn’t want to accept the fact she will be alone (an unaccompanied class). Let’s see how it goes for the next three months.

We didn’t do grocery shopping yesterday. We have done that on Friday. And so we went Tangs to get D’s birthday present after her music class. I brought a pair of shoes for D. (The gifts we are giving each other are getting more and more practical.) The iPad kept Yvette very occupied because I have downloaded two Peppa Pig apps for her. (Each cost us US$4.99)

Daddy bird day - P1000611

Then we headed to met  up with my SIL’s family to celebrate D’s 41 birthday at Jumbo. (Our favorite restaurant.)

Before we reached the restaurant, we passed by Marble Stab and this doting father decided to give Yvette a treat.

Daddy bird day - P1000631

Finally we reached the restaurant at Riverwalk. Love crab especially the pepper crab!! We have cake cutting after our meal and that made Yvette very very happy. (Though she didn’t get to blow off the candle. I guess she has learnt that she shouldn’t blow off others’ candle from the CC.)

Daddy bird day - P1000659

We strolled around Boat Quay after our dinner and found out there were some fair on the street along the river.

Daddy bird day - P1000688

Finally we walked in to Merchant Court hotel to have some drinks before we called for day.

Daddy bird day - P1000705

We had really late night.

Don’t judge us!


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