Oh That’s Fast…

Today is already 31st Aug and I just lost a few dollars. </3

I was so blur that I left my money on the tray and without keeping them after I finished my food. I wanted to reply the SMS to the teacher in Yvette’s CC urgently and that stopped me from keeping the money.

Sigh. I should have kept the money in first.

Anyway, I’ve been busy. Yvette’s Eczema is driving us nut. She had been up in the middle at the night, crying for the past 6 days since last Wednesday to Sunday. We were back to Dr Chiam’s clinic twice after our last visit on 12 Aug. It gets better after hubby brought her back to clinic on last Monday. (Finally 3 of us slept thru since Monday’s night.)

My energy is also finally back. Now I feel better but I am trouble by the weight gain. Now I got to work out a plan to lose weight.

I know my blog is a little quite thus since the energy is back I also updated my blog – those back dated entries. If you are not subscriber of my blog, you need to check up my twitter on the side bar of this blog for new post.

Well, Sept is an exciting month for me. Hubby will be turning 41st on 3rd Sept, one of bff is turning 40 on 15th Sept. My niece’s birthday will be on 17th Sept and my sister’s birthday will be on 28th Sept.

A very pleasurable month to look forward!


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