Reading With Attitude

There is lack of update for how Yvette spending her time in CC. Although I do have many updates to fill in this site, there is no doubt the CC is giving me some problem seriously.

Due to her English teacher, her Singish has improved!

According to the assistant teacher, leh, la, di… etc is part of the slang when her Filipino teacher speaks. I am not sure all Filipino speak in this way or they adapt to our Singish. I don’t want to put this conclusion across.

Anyway, I am definitely not perfect when come to language. I don’t speak this language like pro and definitely add singish in it. But when come to official especially when come to work and speak to Yvette, I handle it with due care.

I don’t expect Yvette don’t pick up at all. In fact, this is something we shouldn’t be shame of. Singish is part of the Singaporean identity. I will not encourage her neither will I be discouraging her. But then at this stage, I have to correct her if not she will find it funny and correct.

And in fact, she already love this language so much and incorporate to her reading.

This video captured she had incorporated this language as she read. Although she doesn’t put that in often, actually it is rare but then I have to be alert and constantly reminded her this is wrong…


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