Yvette: 3 yrs 3 Mths (39 Mths)

This post was drafted in Aug and the picture was taken on Aug 13. But I only publish now. 02/02/2012.


There isn’t much update from me on Yvette’s monthly developments and growth anymore. Since I have pen down quite regularly on her learning, (late posts) and since she is older now, there isn’t much “growth” except other than her weight and height.

Technically, nothing much has changed. She grew taller, didn’t gain much weight, probably due she was so sick a few weeks ago. Initially I wanted to do bi-monthly update but due to the time constraint and her development (mostly on behavior and emotional development) progress on her, I feel quarterly update will be more appropriate (Hopefully I can carry out this commitment timely.)

She is definitely much easier to manage for the past 3 months. We hardly need to deal with meltdown except during bedtime. She is definitely much easier to strike a deal with, much accommodating to the ”No” she received. But when come to nap time/bed time, we still face battle and sometimes, it can be tough. I am such a failure in this department.

She loves to learn. She is (in our eyes) a hardworking child. She can be very much on her own when we are busy. D has definitely put in equal effort in teaching her. Maths is still her favourite subject, but she started to find love in learning Science. Having said that, sadly although she loves going to Music Class and her Chinese Enrichment class (she will cry badly if I threaten her not bring her there), however the participation rate isn’t that fantastic. Shall I add another Art class for her???

She still loves to talk a lot. More than often we hear her talking to herself. D always comments that her mouth never gets tired. Perhaps pursue a profession that can talk a lot will suit her in the future.

She has some new bad habits – putting her fingers into her mouth. Biting her nails. Oh yes, she dislikes to brush her teeth. So during school days, she only brushes her teeth in the night before she sleeps (because we have more time to coax her to).

She can be very naggy. She is getting more and more like me. She is the principal at home. She will make sure certain housework is done in certain way, her way. She will make sure D bathe on time, sleep on time, etc. I finally can pass my throne to her because she was rather strict over D and has “higher” expectation than me for D now. *Wink*(Sound good to have a daughter!)


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