Staying At One For Us? Possible…

Reading this post from Rachel, again bringing me to the consideration on providing Yvette another sibling. 

One - IMG_1228

We, or I don’t deny I used to love to have 4 children. (No joke, this number used to be the ideal.) Then when I have to waited for 5 years for just one kid, this number is being half by me. Then we decided to stop at two so that at least Yvette will have someone to rely upon when we passed on. That’s my want for the year too. We planned in such a way that when Yvette is ready for full day school, we will then try for the second one so that I could spend 70% of the time with the second precious while Yvette is away at school.

My wish was crushed by the recent bad pregnancy. Not only me was badly affected, D was affected too. WE can’t imagine Yvette will to grow up without a mother and D will be the only sole caregiver. As such, this is a daunting thought for us now. Plus I can’t get pregnant now. This plan has to be brought backward for another half a year (I will see my gynae again in Jan 2012).

By then I will be 34, and I don’t think I am that lucky to get conceive without difficulty.   I think I don’t have the courage to be pregnant at 35. I don’t think I have the kind of energy at 35. I will probably enjoying my freedom since Yvette will then be 4 next year. 

Staying at one for us? Possible unless accident smack on us.


2 thoughts on “Staying At One For Us? Possible…

  1. I can’t deny that I still crave to hold another of my child in my arms, and have another sibling for Kyle whenever I see infants and toddlers. But somehow I guess it is not in this time. Well…look on the bright side of things, we can work on being the best parent of one child for now, without having another to vie for our time or attention. Plus more time on ourselves and on our marriage, one common grouse among parents with many kids is that they have a challenge to find quality time to spend with their spouse,

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