A Day Out on National Day – The Afternoon & The Evening

Cont. from here.

We arrived at Clementi New Mall next to the MRT station. Honestly I wasn’t impressed. It is not a small mall but it packed with too many stores making the whole mall looks pack in my eye (especially the basement).

We have lunch at the food court. Not knowing what to eat, (playing safe too), I order an Japanese set for Yvette. Again the food court was packed but I do like the chair there. It’s just the right height for Yvette. (Actually to certain extend, Yvette has grown taller enough to say goodbye to the baby chair.) 

Yvette sings - IMG_0870

After our lunch, we marched to next building to Party World. It fun to sing with my sister and Yvette. (My BIL didn’t sing.) We played many rhythms for Yvette and Yvette indeed sings with confident but wrong keys. (Haha)

Yvette sings - IMG_1309

I was really impressed she could stay 3 hours in the KTV with us without fuss over it. We took turns to play with her and entertained her.  The session finally ended at 5 pm.

We then had a early dinner at Bt Timah. This coffee shop that has another branch in Geylang, selling Frog Porridge. My sister and my BIL love the porridge so much that she feel we should try it as well.

Yvette sings - IMG_1319

Apparently, since we hardly eat Frog Porridge, we didn’t find it fantastic.   Further more, Yvette stunned us. She didn’t want to have porridge and since she could read, she spotted “cereal” on the menu and she insisted she wanted to have it. The store owner was kind to offer us some and she ate them with some vegetable she likes. 

Yvette sings - IMG_1318

We then headed to my sister’s place to catch the National Parade on TV before we were home at 8 plus. 


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