A Day Out on National Day – The late Morning

It is hard for us to out of the house for the whole day after FIL couldn’t take care of his own meal. We finally make it possible by getting another thermo pot so that I could cook two meals for him and he can help himself. 

Initially we wanted to out of the house for breakfast but then our lazy body prohibited us to do so. But still, I got out of my bed to make breakfast for the King and the Princess. (Poor maid!) Then I cooked two meal for FIL and kept them in the thermo pot.

When we were ready, it about 11 am. The morning walk became a late morning walk. We then took a cab to Botanic Garden.  Yvette wasn’t that keen when we started our walk. She wanted to be carried. She finally on the ground when she wanted to see the swan. However, because we knew Yvette was a “little” bit excited to see them, we decided to let D carried her again. (We scared she will fall into the pond.)

Botanic - IMG_0852

I am teaching her the topic “pond” now. We have definitely read some books about it and now some “practical” experience. 

Botanic - IMG_0865

And here were something we see with our naked eye in the pond and loves to share here.

Botanic - IMG_0853

Botanic - IMG_0846

This is not tortoise nor turtle

Botanic - IMG_0845

On the ground. I wonder are these real?

Botanic - IMG_0866

Generally Yvette was very happy with the walk and running down the road as we walked further in. She will touch and feel the leaves and flowers along the path.

Botanic - IMG_0861

The weather permitted us to walk a distance from the main gate to the Ginger Garden before we find it unbearable. (When we reached Ginger Garden, it was 12 noon.)

We took some rest under the shaded area. Since this place is for tourist and as well as for the local, it will be ex to get drinks there. Since we never bring along any cold water, we have buy some drinks for our water break. (It is always good to have some cold water for humid weather.)

Our body temperature finally cool down when we looked at the waterfall, and walked into a store to enjoy the air con. We hop on another cab to meet my sister for the next activity we have planned today.

2 thoughts on “A Day Out on National Day – The late Morning

  1. Hi,
    Really miss your posts as I enjoy reading your blog a lot :). Hope everything goes well with you. Hope you remember me who ever consulted with you on potty training. Thanks to the tips shared on your blog, my boy is officially potty trained, except for night time when he’s sleeping thru the night. But too bad his child care is not willing to let him off diapers cause my boy is those shy type who still don’t want to tell the teachers whenever he wants to pee/pass motion. arrrgghh…Btw, I just re-visited your post on teaching phonics with Yvette (on mat, cat, rat etc). Do you mind to share the learning materials with me? My email is nici.jolly.mah@gmail.com. And oh, where can we get Usborne Early Readers (12 books/set)? Thanks a lot 🙂

    • Nici,

      I have just sent the material to you. Hope it will be useful to your boy. I am still updating my blog. I have updated many entries offline but due to Lappy crash, no time to edit picture and not much me time. So no time to update.

      More over Yvette still suffering from Eczema attack. I am definitely putting my energy on this right now.

      Thanks for telling me you enjoy reading my blog and I hope I can update my blog soon. (With energy level going up, like 10%.)

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