Happy 46th Birthday Singapore

Today Yvette’s CC celebrated National Birthday with the tots but I have forgotten all about it and never dressed her up.

The school had done a good job in teaching the child about the national flag. She been telling me there is 5 stars and a crescent moon on the flag and often gets very excited when she sees them.

As far I am concern, she did had great fun this morning and she was playing with 4 of her classmates when I was there to pick her. There was no lesson in the afternoon. As such most tots had went back. I am glad she has never questioned us nor request us to pick her early. (perhaps she still doesn’t see the need. She is always happy in school and love to play with her friend.)

I did make an effort to leave on time today and was surprised to see the little tattoo on her face when I picked her up. (I have never seen she allows anything on her face before.)



One thought on “Happy 46th Birthday Singapore

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