Hair Cut

Wow, it been so long since the last cut. Although this is something the least important to record now, I just love to have a post of when I cut her hair in this site.

Hair cut_IMG_1261

After cut!

Hair cut_IMG_1264


2 thoughts on “Hair Cut

  1. You went to Jr League again this time? Not EcHouse? After 2yrs, we finally managed to redeem the free haircut for JR … bc we only cut like every few mths! The lady at J8 does a nice very short crop that lasts v long. The UE Square one doesn’t last as long.

    • Actually I like the hair style in Jr League in United Square.

      This is not the latest cut. The last cut which happen a few days ago, we went to ECHouse at United Square. Not a good cut but well, she insisted she must have the cut.

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