Data Recovery

Awwww, I thought I can blog yesterday since Yvette slept quite early due to the influence of the medication. But then when I turned on my 3 yo lappy I notice the D drive (we partition the hard disk) of my lappy die-d on me. I spent 3 hours trying to “solve” the problem but then it seemed all my efforts had gone down into the drain. (Tried “safe mode”, “in DOS” also can’t retrieve back the data.)

There are two months of photographs stored in the disk that yet to be backup by me. I am lucky in the way (I have constantly back up my data into two hard disks I have on hand) but then there are still two months gap. The most unfortunate part is I just deleted the master copy of those pictures/video from the camera a few days ago after storing on my camera for so long period of time. *Sad*

 I wonder who has the similar experience? Can you share with you how you eventually recover your data? D said there is still chance we can recover the data but we might need to spend some money to buy some software for data recovery. I don’t mind spending but then anyone what there have brought such software and could share with me which one is worth investing?

P/S: Please back up data constantly. Never leave any months gap. The best is to do weekly backup!!!


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