Yvette’s Tiny Talk – 4

To kick off Aug 2011, let’s have a laugh!

Posted on Facebook on 06.07.2011

Tiny Talk 4 - IMG_1126

Yvette said:”I do meeting ok. Don’t disturb me.” (Hubby only said this to Yvette a few days back when he held a con call at home.) ~ Kids learn fast!

Posted on Facebook on 23.07.2011

Here a string of conversation at the library yesterday. (papa sat on a green chair)
Yvette: “papa you must sit on the blue chair.”
Papa: “why?”

Yvette: “It’s because blue is for man.”

Papa moved to the blue chair and noted Yvette was sitting on blue chair too.

Papa: “Why are you sitting on blue chair when you just told me blue is for man.”

Yvette (pause and think): “because I want to sit next to you!”


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