Day 4: Ah Yee & Yvette

Somehow, Yvette’s fever was really under control. But now is my turn. I was running really high fever yesterday night. I am as sick as my child. Fever @ 39.8. But I need to go back to work despite I was sick.


Yvette’s fever didn’t went up yesterday at night and we could tell Yvette’s health was slowly back to pink. I was waiting for Ah Yee to come and took down this picture.


I was really proud of her.

Throughout the 3 days, although she was sick, but she has never stop reading and learning. Constantly she was doing her activity books and did insist we have to read to her daily.

Ah Yee didn’t complain much when I was back home in the evening. The only complaint I received was, she barely eat. All she wants to do is play. And Ah Yee spent the whole day reading to her, doing craft with her.

Post updated on 31/10/2011.


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