Coping With Our Routine With Our Sick Child

I wonder why the peak of the fever is always in the night. She was running relative high fever last night but this morning her fever had subsided.

She was still in the daze when she was up this morning. I was off today. We didn’t want to send her to school. We feel she should be at home. And most importantly, for this round, I have better bunch of colleagues. They seem to be a little more understanding that I need to take leave to take care of Yvette.

I need to do my blood test today. We arranged to meet up at Glen E during D’s lunch time so that he can look after Yvette when I took the test. And this arrangement works great for us.

After the test, we went out for a quick lunch before I headed home with Yvette. I think because her health was still weak, her fever actually went up after her nap. (39 degree.)

We brought her back to the clinic again and a decision was made on the spot if her fever still running at 38-39 degree, we will admit her to the hospital.

Honestly, I was feeling really lousy when Yvette fever went up again. It never easy to cope with a sick child but luckily, I do have a sister who is willing to come and look after Yvette tomorrow.

Post updated on 31/10/2011.


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