It Came As A Little Surprise

On late Sunday afternoon, Yvette woke up from her nap and looked really unwell. I used my hand to feel her forehead and found out it was really hot. D quickly passed me the thermometer and outcome was she was running fever at 38 degree.

Oh no. Without delay I fed her Bifen.

The fever did  subside and then we went ahead to my mum’s place.

Our nightmare came in the middle of the night when Yvette woke up crying. We measured her temperature again. And wow, it was showing 40.1 degree. The night, I didn’t sleep well, so did Yvette. I was constantly monitoring her temperature because she refused to let us sponged her. Sometimes she will just wake up and cry. I have to carry her till she fall asleep again. I hug her tight hoping my body temperature will bring down hers. (sound silly.)

The fever really never subsided much this round. At 5 am, it was still at 39.8 degree. I recalled there was one suppository in the fridge. I asked D to carry her and I quickly went to kitchen to get it. She struggled a bit but I still manage to insert it into her anus.

In next half hour, the fever really did come down and I went back to my slumber again.

The Monday morning was easy. I called office to apply leave and after breakfast, we headed to clinic. Yvette was cooperative but she was really tired.

The day passed smoothly although the fever never seemed to go down. For the whole day it was at a constant of 39 degree. Again I was never allow to sponge her. I bath her constantly though. She nap and I nap with her too. But I was up earlier to cook dinner for her. I hug her most of the time. She only want to read Peppa Pig and I read all the 12 books to her.

She hadn’t eat much honestly. Throughout the day, she eats very little and drinks water only. I cooked this dish for her because she loves corn so much. It is easy to digest too.

Fever Day 1 - IMG_0752

When D was back, we sat together for dinner. Finally Yvette was eating slightly more but still it didn’t make up a meal for the whole day. She totally lost her appetite. She only ate half of the bowl of rice given.

Fever Day 1 - IMG_0753

After the main meal, I cut her favourite apple for her. In the past, she will definitely eat 5-6 pieces of them but today, she only ate a piece and she rejected it again.

(Sonya reminded me not to give too much fruit because she can’t digest much complex sugars)

Really heart pain to see Yvette feeling so unwell. It really came as a surprise to us because the last time she was really unwell was two months back.

Fever Day 1 - IMG_0758

I insert another suppository into her anus and hoping the fever will come down later during her sleep.

Apparently this didn’t happen.


5 thoughts on “It Came As A Little Surprise

  1. May Yvette get well soon. Keep up with lots of hydration and warm baths. Souoy dishes and soups through the day would be good. It’s ok to lose appetite for a few days. When she’s well again, she’d probably eat a lot to make up for it.

    My boy loves corn too, yet I find it one of the hardest to digest. Much of it comes out in the poo. Anyway, if she enjoys it, whatever. 🙂

    • Ops, my girl’s poo poo also got corn. But I gave one big cup, only part of them come out so I assume it is easy for her to digest!!!

      haha.. well.. she really loves corn!

  2. Javier also have a sudden fever since last Wednesday and the fever only subside yesterday late night. 😦 It was the worst during night time, once th fever even shoot to 40.3degree. I was so worried, but only could keep sponging him and monitor his temp. His appetite was so bad for these few days, that he only wants to drink milk and nothing else. 😦

  3. In fact, I have read many tots were having fever last week…even my neighour’s child.

    At least he still drink milk. Yvette really didn’t eat much and really lost 1 kg after the fever is over.

  4. is this a coincidence or what? my boy was having a very high fever last week too. his highest record was 40.4 deg. he also got running nose..

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