How Zebras Got Their Stripes?

It is all because of this book that has left on the shelf.


I have too many books a home honestly. Some books are not even read by her because:

  1. She has outgrown it.
  2. She doesn’t like the content at all.

Then one day she jut pulled this book out of the shelf and started to read all by herself. We began to talk more about the book and making a trip to zoo to see the real things.

We took train to AMK to switch to Bus 138 to Zoo.


At zoo, we managed to see the Zebras.


And the giraffes.


The snake that D feared.


Of course there are not the only animals we saw. Otters, Leopard, Jaguar, lions, monkeys, horse, foal, goat, etc were in our itinerary. But we really didn’t have time to find the Baboon and the Elephant. It because we have spent too much time in the water play where Yvette finally felt in love with the slide!


After the play, Yvette was really exhausted and dozed off at the wrong time.



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