I’m Glad I Blog

I’m glad I have started this blog about more than 3.5 years ago. Frankly, simple moments are easily forgotten if we have not pen down any story. I have just crossed a huge hurdle of my life and I am glad I am fine.

I notice this site is not insurance for me only. This site will serve an important platform if anything will to happen to me, Yvette will be able to read her growth and developments, my joy and everything about her, here.

But that’s not enough.

There are many small events, her first year are not recorded here. So to complete the picture I will start to blog that history that has already passed. Perhaps this will bore reader but then I believe it is really worthwhile for me to do so. I would want Yvette to know what had happened if I really pass on (Choy!) before she grown up.

I will also want to develop them into picture book. I wanted to invest Adobe Photoshop. But for a start, instead of throwing money into something that I have no idea how to use it, I will switch my lappy to Mac Book. (I learnt Mac book has some picture editing software program.) I also want to invest a good camera. This thought has been on my mind since Yvette was born. We have taken too many pictures that need to be edited, (I am not a pro in picture taking) and I wish to take many more pictures. I also want to buy a video camera to record down moments which we wish to preserve.

A blog like this serves me well but I want more especially when time have passed on…all these picture and videos will be so precious along the memory lane…


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