It’s Finally Over

While I was in Dr. Wong’s clinic this morning, she declared she was not going to give me any jab today.

Yeah, couldn’t ask for more.

She presented me my latest test result, it was having a negative reading for my Liver profile which is caused by the Methotrexate Inj. And all because I have achieved 4 normal result for Beta-hCG; the more reason for her to stop giving me jab. (The original plan was to me 3 more jabs after obtaining the first normal reading for Beta-hCG.)

It has been 3 months since where I first discovered my molar pregnancy. I was treated with D&C and then chemo jab. And together with round of different tests, making me feeling very down during these period. These 3 months to anyone might be just another quarter of year blinked by, but to me, it’s the longest 3 months ever in my life.

I hope my energy level will go up. I have many entries with great details on my treatment, on how I still manage to teach Yvette during this period and as well as my thought. I am glad that I blog. This site is definitely an insurance worth for me to invest.

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement.

Thanks for all the support from my dearest hubby and my sister.

Lastly thanks for all the understanding my dearest Yvette could ever give it to me.

It is over, and I hope it is finally over….


13 thoughts on “It’s Finally Over

  1. Congrats too! Found your blog a while ago and discovered you fell sick but am just happy for you knowing this latest update!

  2. That’s wonderful to hear! I’m sure you will be at 100% again in no time. Actually when I last met you, I coundn’t tell that you were at less than 100% leh.

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  4. Hi, found your blog on a few occasion and each time, it never fail to inspire me (to be a better parent to my 13 month old son). I am so happy and relief that you have recovered. Keep blogging and wishing you and your family well.

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