Math-ness In Progress #3.4 – Money

Like many mothers, I feel teaching money will be easier to use the real money and yes I did.

Money- IMG_0653

This book has very good illustration that make my teaching easier.


Money - IMG_0657

Money - IMG_0656

Money - IMG_0655

I depend a lot on assessment book to teach now because I have really lack of energy to source for reference.

Money is not difficult for Yvette to pick up because we have already expose her to it. She is often the one that give the money to the hawker when they server us. I will do the maths with her on the spot so that she can understand better. She is also given the chance to give the money to the  taxi driver too. Sometimes we will test her on the spot because the fare from the trip to and fro from home to mum’s place is pretty fixed.

Money - IMG_0654

Accountant in making? No….. I prefer she is a banker! Woohoo!


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