Staying Online Touch

Bl0gging, Facebook, Twitter are definitely the new tool for me to keep in touch with friends but still nothing beats stay in touch by meeting up.

“I still prefer personal touch!”

One reader wrote to me two days back to wish me well and in her letter she did state “she find strange to send me a letter but she also highlighted she could connect to me because we are all mothers.”

I do agree with her. I do love to meet up mothers from this little space here and often didn’t really feel shy over it. I always feel readers (mothers) reading my site will somehow connect with me in agreeing the way I nurture my child, the way I discipline my child, or simply like who I am. We are somewhat likeminded in a way of another.

Thank Huda for your mail. Hope to see your comment here soon!

I met Zhien’s mum for dinner tonight for a long overdue dinner appointment. C’s mummy was supposed to come along however; an unhappy event happened changed her mind.

We had a good dinner at Ramen Play. Eat. Drink.Chat. The kids didn’t really mingle themselves. Zhien is still a shy boy and he was too hungry to talk to Yvette too.

Stay Online Touch_IMG_1168

After our meal, Zhien’s mummy agreed to do paint art – something Zhien has yet try. (I hope I won’t get him hook to it.) Coincidentally, I bumped into Ashlyn’s mummy. It will never easy to get kids stay together peacefully. However paint art really kept them occupied and very very focus. With that I also managed to natter to both mothers without letting Yvette felt left out.


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