Math-ness In Progress #3.3 – Division

I credit this to Yvette herself. She is a self learner. She took a lot of initiative on her work and her learning and this certainly lighten my load. I brought these two chart from Popular bookstore for her and she will pick them up and read all by herself from time to time. (She already mastered multiplication.)



I have yet to have any clue to teach her division and I have no plan to teach her yet. But I can’t resist not to buy such sticker book that only cost me S$2.


And the best part is, Yvette finished this book without any coaching from me. (There is no answer at the back of this book.)


I believe it is purely from her memory. (She has super good memory.) Although I can’t deny she does understand some concepts behind. I will work on the assessment book (I depend a lot of that now as I am working) to strength her understanding.

There is no hurry to drill her on this but I have gladly accepted she has moved on!


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