Yvette’s Nursery 1–Half Year Report

I almost forgotten about this totally till I review what I have left out since my blog is soooooo outdated.  Before I receive the final year progress report, here Yvette’s half Year Report.

This was conducted on 13/06/2011 and only get to updated now on 11/12/2011.

Actually the school did a A3 Size profile booklet but it was sent back to the school after we reviewed. Going forward, to save teacher’s effort, the environment and the printing cost, the school is asking us Thumb drive to save all the pictures taken during the school curriculum.

It a pride to receive such a report.



I am particularly happy that she is able to maintain a positive attitude when she faced problem and challenge and she demonstrates her leadership skills. She is definitely more focus now than in the past she tends to be restless and not paying attention.

I received some of her art works and I pasted them into a little booklet for easy reference and keepsake. Bear with me, I am going to post tons of picture here.


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