Peppa Pig

About a year ago, I blogged about Yvette doesn’t find YouTube fantastic. This statement doesn’t valid for now anymore. I won’t say she is addicted to YouTube now as she doesn’t ask for it everyday nor I will give it to her but then sometimes if I need to buy time, this will be a tool for me to trade with her at time.

It’s also because we have iPad (so convenient), plus she is able to read and spell (she already memories those key words associate to the video she likes) , she could use the YouTube application to search for video she wants.

And Peppa Pig is one of the culprit.

It started with these 3 stickers book that brought by my sister for Yvette long ago. These 3 sticker books were a hit to her. Why? It’s about pig and it a sticker book.

Peppa Pig - IMG_0782

I didn’t pay much attention to it till I manage to find two books about these characters on the book shelves at Times Bookstore when I was seeking treatment on my own. (I have no idea the existence of these pigs and their friends at all.)

Peppa Pig - IMG_0781

Yvette is hooked, so am I.

I really like the content, the words that are used in these two books. I am curious and like to find out more about them. To my surprise, Peppa Pig is a British animated television series and I found many videos about them on YouTube.


They are award-winning preschool children’s TV show. Each episode is approximately 5 minutes long. The show revolves around Peppa, an anthropomorphic female pig, and her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different species of mammal – their first name starts with the same letter as the type of animal they are. Peppa’s friends are the same age as her, and Peppa’s younger brother George’s friend Richard is the same age as him. Episodes tend to feature everyday activities such as attending playgroup, going swimming, visiting their grand parents, going to the play ground or riding bikes.

To me, Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Their series/books teach good value, about family and it is in British English, I see no harm further introduce to Yvette.

(one sample of series here)

I started to show her how to use the YouTube application on iPad and she was “hooked” The addiction over the show kicks in but then she doesn’t need to watch everyday. Sometimes she only watch once in 3 days.

I also search for the book series and glad to find out a seller is selling one of the popular series via Motherhood Forum. (ops I lost the thread.)

Fast forward to today, I finally received the books in few hours ago and was impressed after reading them.

Peppa Pig - IMG_0623

There were 10 books in this series and their titles are:

  1. Daddy Pig’s Old Chair
  2. Nature Trail
  3. School Bus Trip
  4. Daddy Pig’s Office
  5. Tooth Fairy
  6. Recycling Fun!
  7. Tiny Creatures
  8. Peppa Goes Swimming
  9. Dentist Trip
  10. Sports Day

There is no age range for this set of book but I guess it will suit 4-6 yo. It does introduce some difficult word like “liquid”,”convinces”, “excellent”, “hilarious”, “intercom”, etc.

They also introduce some science knowledge. In Tiny Creatures, it explain the process (in a very simple statement) how bee collect nectar fro the flower and then fly to the hive to make it into honey.

Sports Day is all about “Sportsmanship”! – “Competition is not all about winning that matters but the taking part.”

I really really love reading to Yvette this set of books everyday and Yvette really loves them very much too. We are all hooked.

Peppa Pig - IMG_0632


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