A Pot Of Gold In The Pool

We had lunch at Lot 1 after our farm trip. Usually I will hardly go food court with Yvette alone. It’s not because I like to go restaurant or cafe, it’s because it never easy to get a place to eat, buy food and keep Yvette safe. As such I managed to find place right in front of the stall – The Japanese stall.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0600

It’s a big table and since there were many pairs of eyes looking at us, making me very sure Yvette will be safe. And the stall is just a stone away, I asked Yvette to remain seated and I walked over to the stall to get food for us. We really did enjoy the lunch together.

After our lunch, we took LTR to Stella’s house for a playdate! A date that we been prolonging.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0603

They have great fun together. Yvette particularly interested in playing Velda’s beam.

PlayDate with V & Z

The highlight of today outing would be us making a trip to  Senja-Cashew Community Centre opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza. This is the first fully integrated CC and sports complex. The CC is situated in the heart of Bukit Panjang Town opposite Bukit Panjang Plaza. It has modern sports facilities which include an eight-lane swimming pool, an infinity pool with jacuzzi, children’s playground with water features, sports hall for badminton, basketball and table tennis, tennis courts, a street soccer court and two dance studios.  The CC is equipped to support a wide range of interests and programmes.

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0608

A quiet pool?

And many kids started to cry beside the pool. I can feel the disappointment and the unhappiness. Unhappiness started to

Why the pool is closed?

Sadly there’s a little boy who poo into the pool. A pot of gold??? Something we never encounter. It was Stella who witnessed the whole happened and I was the one informed the life guard. There’s no other choice but to shut the pool.

To pacify the kids, luckily, I have some lolipops in my bag. If not I am very sure we started to face tantrum!!!

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0610

Since the kids cannot enjoy the slide, we got to head to the adult pool. My persistent Yvette insisted to wait for them to reopen the kids’ pool but her wish never came true.

Finally we joined Velda and Zac at adult pool.

Although it’s about dinner time, Velda loves the pizza at the cafe of the pool too much; we gotten a treat from Stella. 😀

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0612

While the kids enjoying their pizza, I enjoy the sense of peace from the nice view beside the cafe!

PlayDate with V & Z - IMG_0613


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