A Trip To Farmart

Yvette wanted to go farm and I shared on my FB to ask for place to go. Ashlyn’s mummy suggest me to Farmart or Vegetable Farm @ Kranji Countryside. I chosen the former one.

It was Youth’s Day on Monday and Yvette’s school was closed for staff training. As such, I took a day off from work to bring her to farm. I woke up around 7 am to get all the meals cook. Yvette woke up around 9 plus and we managed to have a nice breakfast at home before we embarked our journey to the west.

We took a train to CCK and took the shuttle bus from the opposite bus stop in front of Lot 1 Shopper’s Mall Taxi Stand along Choa Chu Kang Ave 4. IF you miss taking down the bus schedule from their site, don’t worry. The schedule is printed on the sign board at the bus stop that you will never miss.

Farmart - IMG_0575

The bus ride cost us S$2 for a to and fro trip which is not stated on their site. The bus journey was short. It’s only 10 mins ride and we reached there safe and sound.

Farmart - IMG_0579

According to the site, we should be able to an interact closely with animals such as goats, Bull frogs, tortoises, rabbits, birds, fishes, hamsters and many more. At the same time, you can purchase the vegetables, carrots and fish food from the animal keeper to feed the animals in our farm corner. And these were what we saw yesterday.

Farmart - IMG_0580

Farmart - IMG_0582

Farmart - IMG_0583

Farmart - IMG_0588

Farmart - IMG_0584

Farmart - IMG_0592

Do you think we had seen many many farm animals here?

If your answer is Yes, you will be very disappointed. All the above activity was done in less than 20 mins. We combed the whole farm in less than 20 mins!!!

Oh my!!!!

Yes, we found farm corner but there is no food that I could buy from the animal keeper to feed the animals. In fact the whole place is a quiet town! Not many activity at all. Perhaps yesterday was Monday?

The happy moment we had in this place was I took a few picture of Yvette with the cow.


Farmart - IMG_0589

Somehow I feel it was a wrong decision to come here after all!


12 thoughts on “A Trip To Farmart

  1. Weekends are indeed more lively with koi feeding and chicks for sale at chew’s chicken farm. But it is really a small place. We covered the place in less than 2 hours on a weekend.

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