Math-ness In Progress #3.2

I got this book for Yvette when I was seeking treatment for my molar pregnancy. Although Yvette generally is good with most simple concept of Fundamental Maths at nursery level, she is rather weak at subtraction.


This sticker book is specially designed to help young children develop and practice their understanding of subtraction. It packed with full of fun activities, each page reinforces an essential maths skill. (At the back of the book.)


Yvette loves this very much.

The sticker is an catch. It’s a very colourful book and we loves the illustration. It explains the subtraction concept very well too. And it only cost me S$11.13 with 10% discount. (I got it from Times Bookstore.)


Yvette’s subtraction had really improved after I practice with her using this book. And this is what she could do all by herself. On 22nd June, I posted this on my FB.


She never fail to impress me how fast she could pick up the concept and at the end of 10 days, she could do subtraction very well. (She finished the whole book in less than 10 days.)


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