Math-ness In Progress #3.1

A standard was set honestly. We are now having much higher expectation on Yvette, especially on her Maths.

I continue to coach her. Stretch her talent and potential further. I got this book from Popular and most of the questions are not difficult to her. But then, there will be some area, reinforcement is still needed. Some of the topics I have yet covered, thus from this book I could identify her weakness, her careless and as well identify her potential.


We are impressed with her ability in doing all these by herself. Of course, for some questions, we did explain a bit to her and ultimately it is still her effort getting the answer right.

She completed the above book before she turned 37 mths. All was done during the period after her 3rd birthday.



We don’t teach her triangle anymore. We taught her to identify Right Angle Triangle.


Topics that she is weak in.

Money. I have not went thru this subject with her. The below question looks so easy yet she make careless mistake. I am surprise she couldn’t really understand.


Mass and division. Not very sure for now.


Again we surprised she got this wrong. Either she forgotten what she had learnt or it a careless mistake.



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