A Day Treatment On My Own

Although I am seeking treatment in private clinic, it is still not possible to get the best timing for all my appointments. As such it is not possible to get D to accompany me to every single treatment and not forgetting we have Yvette to take care.

Anyway today I am off for another MRI Scan on my brain and second chemo jab by myself. Before all these treatment, I have to go hospital to take blood test too.

2nd treatment_ IMG_1015

After sending Yvette to CC, I went to Glen E hospital to take my blood test for this afternoon review. After the test, I proceeded to Paragon for the scan. Again this scan was done “with contrast” again. Due to small vein, the nurse got to poke me twice to find my vein. Of course one ended up with bruise.

2nd treatment_ IMG_1016

I meet up with one of my old friend for lunch after the scan. I am often feel lucky I manage to keep those blossom friendship online going. We have known each other online for more than 6 years. (Ever since I started to blog in 2006.)

I decided to kill my time in the bookstore since my next appointment is at 4.30 pm. I managed to get a book for myself and some books for Yvette too. I had some coffee with my book before I went back to hospital.

I had my second dose of Chemo jab and was happy to learn that the drug was taking effect on me. My Beta hCG had gone down as expected. Hopefully this result will not never reverse again.

2nd treatment_ IMG_0626

Result of first jab


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