The Playdome @ National Museum

It has been awhile we have not brought Yvette to the Museum. Due to my health, and Yvette’s enrichment class schedule, it indeed harder for us to arrange such outing. Anyway, since there’s no Music Class on Saturday, we brought the Yvette to the National Museum to check out The Playdome.

To cut this entry short, as many have blogged about this event, I only want to share how Yvette enjoy this outing. (You might want to find out more by reading this entry.)

There are 4 exhibits, but Yvette was only interesting in one, which is the Happy Hawkers (in the Sensory Studio). We spent an hour there and never visit any other exhibits.

She was really happy to be a little hawker there.

Playdome_ IMG_0909

Happy playing with plasticine to make various local dishes such as noodles.


Here our creation. Hubby said my prawns look like sausage.

Playdome_ IMG_0926

Finally we manage to get her out of this place to join the special singing session in the Museum. (I can’t remember who is the singer that lead this mini concert. I only could remember she is an Australian.)

Playdome_ IMG_0928

Initially it was fun as the singer was singing the nursery rhythm that Yvette like but the interest die off because she started to sing song of her Play.

Yvette dozed off at 4 plus and that was then we decided to leave the Museum.


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