Happy 4th Father’s Day To D

Father's Day - IMG_0857

Unlike the past years, we have prepared nothing for D. Half of 2011 had passed and sadly the highlight of our life is how our family coping with my illness. This is definitely not what we want to happen.

But then from this episode, there is no doubt to confirm how supportive D is.

D had done so much for us during the past years and especially the past 6 months .

He never say a word that I am fat when I started to put on weight for about a year back. (I put on about 7 kgs.)

He never say I am ugly when my face started to have plenty of skin problem

He never think I will die and always being positive when we face my illness together.

When come to Yvette, he is even more supportive than I think he can be.

He will take off when I can’t be around with Yvette. Despite knowing how tough to face Yvette without me, he never say no to this task. (Yvette will cry a lot when I am not around at home when he has to be the caregiver.)

He will leave office early to send Yvette to doctor when I can’t be around. Two Fridays ago, he left office early to bring Yvette to clinic because Yvette was still coughing badly. The clinic closed at 4.30pm on Friday. He left office at 3.30pm to pick up Yvette from CC and brought to the doctor.

He spent most of his free time with Yvette, reading, talking, playing, learning together.

Father's Day - IMG_0883

He always never feel the pinch when I need to spend or when I spend money on Yvette and as well on myself but he does feel the pinch when it has to spend on him.

There are so much contribution from his man to us, to the family. No word can describe how much grateful and how blessed we are.

I wish D a Happy Father’s Day and as well to all the Superdad out there.


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