Our Breastfeeding Journey – 3yrs 1 Mth

Due to my illness, I have to wean Yvette. In fact I started to wean her on Monday before I know what is going to happen on the coming next few days. (I have drafted out the process of weaning in Chinese and I will be typing them out very soon.) As such, I brought this tin of formula milk for her.


Why Grow was chosen? It is because beside Pediasure, this is the only formula milk in the market in Chocolate Favour. My friend advised me this formula will make a child hyper, I decided not to listen to her because I really never heard this before. I also Google to check, it is not medically proven. So, I don’t believe formula milk will make a child hyper. (Sorry)

Anyway, Yvette didn’t really like. I am not going to try Pediasure and definitely not other formula. Sam suggested me fresh milk, and I have taken this suggestion to heart.

Actually Yvette is drinking UHT milk in packet in her CC and she been taking it well. Maybe I should let her drink that at home but the problem is, she can’t really able to finish them at home. (Teachers in her school manage to coax her to finish.)

All in all, I might not even want to give her any milk or formula at home. I am a believer on giving Yvette Calcium through vegetables. And there are really a lot of vegetables (soya, broccoli, tofu, spinach, etc) and food could provide Yvette what she needs.


7 thoughts on “Our Breastfeeding Journey – 3yrs 1 Mth

  1. Does she like soya milk? If so, get the high calcium soya from supermarket for her. Only thing has to be refrigerated. Normal soyamilk not high in calcium other than in tofu form. Another way is cheese. Each slice has 1 cup of milk right? Si if she likes cheese , that won’t b difficult too.

  2. If you have a blender, you can make your own soya milk ..
    Which is gd for u and yvette too.

    For your diet, you blend the fruits more than juicing it which will contains more vitamins and fibre.

  3. just a reminder to the ladies that soy milk is a good substitute for milk but for female adults, we have to be careful about how much soy we take as it contains estrogen like hormones which at times can cause hormonal imbalance, fibroid in uterus etc.

  4. Oh yes, be aware of the risks from the hormones from soy. Google “soy danger” for more info. My diet is mainly vegetarian but I take limited amount of soy, especially after my boy has soy allergy and I started reading on it.

    Can try homemade yoghurt and good quality cheese blocks. Yoghurt has probiotics, good for digestive system.

    Cheese: the common commercial cheese slices are very low quality cheese peppered with flavouring, coloring, etc. They are made from the remains of cheese blocks. Opt for quality cheese blocks: usually only milk, salt, rennet.

    My main concern about formula milk is added sugar and other additives out of my control and understanding. And my boy rejected it too.

    As for UHT milk, it’s a good backup especially when on the go. Just note that the quality of protein is lower due to the higher temperature treatment than pasteurized fresh milk.

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