Battle Against Cancer Started?

Sadly my HCG never go down.

The result was 25.7 and this morning the clinic called me up to do CT Scan and MRI Scan.

The feeling is awful. I just did the scan 4 hours back.

According to the site, the MRI test is not painful; you cannot feel it. But it never states the injection-contrast medium jab in every 15 mins making me feeling terrible. The dumbness and dizziness after the scan is bearable but having need to going through this is making me really uncomfortable.

CT Scan is equally bad. Contrast that delivered through a vein (IV) in my hand making my whole body burning and there is a metallic taste at my throat area and I need to swallow in the saliva.

Has the battle against cancer started? Review will be tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “Battle Against Cancer Started?

  1. hi there, i have been reading your blog for quite a while and i feel so affected reading what u are going through. do stay strong to fight the battle… your little princess needs her mummy. God bless u… if even u need help, call upon Jesus and He will send His angels to help you through.

  2. Sorry to hear what you have been going through. It must be very very terrible. Do be strong and take care! Hang in there. It may not be what it seems. Look on the bright side!

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