HCG Went Up

My HCG reading 2 weeks ago(26th May) was 6.9 in fact it was 0.1 increase compare to reading taken on 19th May. On 09th Jun the blood test done had given a reading of 15.7 which unfortunately it will trigger a series of treatment. (In my treatment, the HCG cannot go up if it already proven a sign of coming down.)

I was refer to Ms Kamen Wong, the Oncology, at 5th floor.

It wasn’t a good news. HCG went up shown there might be some bad cells produced by the mole left somewhere in my body. My blood was drawn again to do the same test as all of us agreed one test was not good enough for more treatment and it might be an isolated case.

Oh well.

In the case of the HCG really go up after this test, I will need to do a CT-Scan and MRI @ Radlink at Paragon.

Feeling depressed is an understatement for me now. Trying for kid, being able to stay alive seem to be a big challenge for me.

Will I be around next year?


6 thoughts on “HCG Went Up

  1. cheers up dear! Can understand your emo & stress. Everybody need u badly. Hope everything go smoothly for u ya. =)

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