Yvette: 3 yrs 1 mth (37 mths)

The last update I have done for Yvette was for her 35th mths. I have yet managed to pen down her 36thmths progress. (There is a missing post for the month of May I have jotted down on my iPod in pointer so I won’t forget. That post will be long and I have to really sit down to write a round up post for Yvette.

Anyway, going forward, (firstly) I don’t think I have the time to write long post for Yvette’s monthly progress update. I will probably do it every bi-monthly or quarterly. Secondly, there won’t be much change to anticipate. Growth will be “stagnant”. Development on her learning will be updated constantly in this site and I don’t think I need another long post for it.

With that, her monthly update will be more on her behavior, her emotion development and snippets of her life that are not updated in this site.

Picture taken on 16th Jun 2011; This post was pen down on 28/08/2011.

37 mth- IMG_0517

For the past one month, the alarming behavior that caught our attention was, she bit herself when she couldn’t got what she want – She was crying for me as I was away at work while D took care of her when she was sick on 27thMay 2011.


I understand she learnt this behavior from CC. (One of her classmate loves to bit himself when he was angry.)

Luckily we didn’t witness this “self-destroy” again after 27thMay 2011.

Finally to wrap up my post, here are some snippets (that are not being updated on this site) on how Yvette spent her 36 mths in general…

On 21st May, we went to the polyclinic for her annual check up (requested by the health book.) Generally this check up is for the assessment at 2-3 yo and it were all about motor skills and cognitive skills. Weight and height were taken during the check up at 12.4kg and 92 cm.


She was really happy on that morning; constantly pointing out the “V” sign to kids sitting next to us.

On 6th June, she celebrated her best friend 3rd birthday in CC.


She played with this toy which she totally outgrown in Taka. That was on 11th June.

Shopping at Taka (accident) - IMG_0828

Plenty of playground play despite both of us work.


Her hair is rather dry, I started to apply conditional on hair. This was a gift from my sister.

Started to use conditional on her hair - IMG_0822


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