Term 2 With Mac’s Music School (Lesson 4)

It has become a routine for us, we do some shopping after the class. Be it a window shopping or eventually end up buying stuff to pamper ourselves or Yvette. We will definitely have a good dinner together.

Teacher Elaine was on Medical leave today. So they got a teacher to cover her leave. We also learnt that she will be covering for Elaine during her maternity leave.

Compare to Elaine, she definitely not as experience as her but I can see she is making constant effort to engage the children. Perhaps she really didn’t spend much time with children, I did find her lesson boring. 😛

Oh well.

Before we reached our destination, Paragon, we saw all these “walking M&M” on the street and Yvette loves them so much. She can’t stop laughing the fact that “M&M” can walk and we did took some pictures with them.

Music 4_ IMG_0495

We head to our usual place for dinner after the lesson. We patronise this restaurant so regularly till most of the staffs in the restaurant started to remember us. (They adore Yvette a lot.) Another reason to Paragon was to pick up books for Yvette.

Music 4_ IMG_1007

Recently Yvette fall for Mo Willems’ book – Elephant and Piggie Series. ELM Tree is selling them cheaply plus I have 10% discount too. I knew they are selling because I always go there to get books for Yvette and I saw them selling this series a few months back. I am lucky to pick up two books from the book shop and they will also help me to get another two books another branch for me.

Music 4

After our meal, we proceeded to Taka to buy her sandal and some clothing. She was enjoying the shopping session with us and accident happened.

Music 4_ IMG_1012

We took the lift from the mall. Despite educating her many times, she never listen. A loud cry burst out. Her fingers was struck in between the lift door. Without much thought, I quickly pulled her hand out. It was so painful, she was already howling. We were really worried. We rushed out of the lift and quickly carried her away and settled down in one corner of the mall to check her fingers’ condition.

Fortunately there wasn’t any apparent sign of fracture. Everything was intact. She stopped howling within the next minute after we settled down. The whole incident she only cried for 5 mins and surprisingly she was so easily comforted by us. I really amazed she was how tough and resilient my little girl can be.


4 thoughts on “Term 2 With Mac’s Music School (Lesson 4)

  1. You went to Takashimaya to buy a “scandal”? Sorry – couldn’t resist it. ;D

    By the way, what good bookstore is that at Paragon? I don’t recall any.

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