A Visit To The Skin Clinic

My skin started to turn really bad into my second year of breastfeeding. My body especially my skin encountered very bad hormones change. But still I refuse to wean Yvette.

06_June 2011 Everyday

Months into workforce affect my skin too. Obviously I have to work doubly hard. I have to take care of Yvette and take care of the family. I wake up everyday around 6 plus to cook and will sleep around 11 plus and sometimes at 12 plus. Some days, insomnia kick into my daily life too.  Everyday I am survive with 5-6 hours rest which to some already a form of luxury.  The skin condition turned really bad on the 4th Jun when I was really very sick. I could feel the heat coming out from my face.

I have tried a lot of skin product off the shelves (some of products I have tired are really expensive.) but it really doesn’t help me much. Regular facial also doesn’t help me too. As such I feel there is really a need to see a doctor.

I Google and I read comment from site and finally decided to head one Clinic in Novena Square. (Let me not share where is the clinic as I do not wish to “advertise” for them now.)

I made an appointment and see the doctor at 7 pm. She listened to my problem patiently and suggest me to do a Blue Light Therapy and as well as Chemical peel to treat my problematic skin. I signed up two packages for these two treatment.

Rather than visiting those skin specialist in the commercial centre, I decided to go for a skin aesthetic clinic because I believe they will not push you to buy their product. As least, this doctor who had given me her consultation did not. She only recommended me two product and that only cost me 70 bucks. (She did not push me for it and it is up to me to decide to buy or not.)

Bad skin - IMG_0507

I am not too sure how well my skin will react to all these treatments but I am hopefully that it will become better in 6 months. I will treat my pigmentation and my freckles thereafter.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “A Visit To The Skin Clinic

  1. Hope this works for you! For the love of Yvette you did this!

    If you need another skin doc’s contact you can email me. I know a pretty good one that treated Bub’s eczema and who’s treating my cousin’s acne. All the best 🙂

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