Cooking Tip – One Stone Kills Two Birds

I still cook in the morning but I am getting lazy. Don’t get me wrong, I still cook; I still love to cook meals for my family. Nothing bets having a meal of home cooked dinner after a day hard work in the office. The meaning of getting lazy here is I manage to find another trick (maybe not a trick but that never comes into my mind) to shorten “one” process.

By chance I found out that I don’t need to thaw the meat before cooking my pot of soup in the morning. I had forgotten to do this process the night before I slept and woke up realizing that I have no meat for the soup. Not wanting to “miss out” the “taste of the meat” in the soup, I still took out the meat out of the freezer that day and throw them into the pot to defrost and as well as scalding the pork rib.

Voila!!! To me, this is one stone kills two birds!


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