About Writing & Drawing

Short post for this milestone which I decided not to backdate before her birthday on 13th May.This milestone records her development from 2-3 yo and as well as going forward.

The curriculum of Yvette’s school will ensure the tots in Nursery 1 can write by the end of the school term and seriously that impress me. In fact she could hold a pencil quite well now.

At home, I did have a series of activity book that will allow me to coach Yvette to write but somehow, her interest in writing is really depressing. We hardly practice.


But she surprised me on 13th May which was her birthday, she knew how to write.

Writing _ IMG_0639

I didn’t force her to write. I depend on the technology now to do the job. I have already download and she been using a year to write on iPad and iPod touch and the result is satisfactory.

These are the application I used. The English apps are rather popular. I like the Chinese app – 写字, it helps to revise word and as well as teaching the tot to write in correct stroke. And Yvette likes this app a lot too.

Writing_05_May 2011 Misc


I hope to see some improvement at the end of the year. I will try to write with her on those activity books when she is more keen. Contradicting, she can write number very well.

When come to drawing, D can draw well. So somehow, there “might” be a chance for Yvette to be able to draw too. She drew these two pieces on 24/04/2011 by herself.

IMG_0507 IMG_0508

Now the question for us is, should we start to nurture her in drawing?


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