FTWM’s Voice: Does The Boss Really Understand?

My contract started on 09th May last month and I am already out of office for 4.5 days.

I took leave (agreed upon during the interview) on 13th May to celebrate Yvette’s birthday.

I took half a day leave to follow up of my molar pregnancy with OB on 20th May 2011. (I need to be reviewed by gynae every month.)

I took a day off to take care of Yvette on 26th May 2011.

I was very sick on last Friday and I called my boss I need a MC. (Till now I am still very sick and the worst is my face is having some infection. Anyone can recommend skin clinic for me?)

Today I decided to stay at home because Yvette vomited out a lot phlegm in the middle of the night and thinking it will be best for her to stay at home.

Looking at my track record, it seems like I have put my family in priority which we have communicated during the interview.

Actually the current boss is now history from today onward. He is moving on to the Regional Office that will be relocated to Shanghai next year. Today, there will be a new boss report to work.

How can I go back to work full time if I have so much family commitment? I don’t want to be such a irresponsible employee in the boss’ eye. So doing contract job is still the best employment status for me.


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