A Sorting Game Is Also A Maths Lesson

As I am still trying to pen down the entry for Maths, I will like to share how to teach Maths in everyday life and don’t be surprised Maths can be taught in every other activity.

Yvette wanted to play this box of Threading Chunky Shapes but she just couldn’t open up the box. She shouted for help and of course I came to her rescue! Haha…

An impromptu idea came to my mind when I saw her started to sort those shapes out. Quickly I grab a marker, paper and calculator. (Yvette can use calculator like primary school kids. But she is just slow in pressing and identify the number. She has no problem getting the right answer for a question.)

I sat down on the floor with her and said: “ Yvette let do some Maths with sorting games!”

She was delighted. (She really love maths a lot.)

(Before I continued, Yvette shared with me an equation this morning. Immediately she was out of bed, at the toilet bowl, she said: “Mummy, 8×11=88 is also equal to 44+44=88. Because 4+4=8 and 4+4=8 so it is 88. I am not surprise honestly. She is really good at forming equation because constantly we have been teaching her how to link up the numbers together.)

We started to sort out the shapes and arranged them neatly.

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0778

After that, we started to count. As she counted, I will record her finding on the piece of paper.

Count 2 by 2. (She has already mastered the concept of timetable. She is super good with 5 timetable. She can do skip counting by 5 up to 200. Will definitely share in my round up post.)

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0779

Count 3 by 3. (The last stack has to be 2 because the total number pieces of triangle is 8.)

Maths Sorting Games -  IMG_0780

Count 4 by 4.

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0786

At the same time we are also adding up the number of pieces she had counted and recorded them into a piece of paper. See how she was counting using her fingers.

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0781

This is the outcome of lesson 1.

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0783

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0784

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0785

I managed to teach her Even and Odd number concept here. In Maths, all the numbers are surrounded by rules. It is never good to let the child memories by hard without understanding the fundamental concept behind. I been trying to figure out how to teach Even and Odd number, I guess, this is a pretty good start from this exercises. At the same time, allowing her to press calculator in this activity has help her to identify many decimal places. And ended up explaining whole number to her.

I didn’t teach beyond 12×2=24 but I have taught her anything end with even number which is 2,4,6,8,10 can be divided by two. And in this context, we have tried pressing calculator with 28/2=12, 30/2=15….etc.

From the working paper, she gave me example 40+6=46 and 39+7=46 because she can’t think of any timetable that will give her 46 as answer and she didn’t know it is possible to divide by 2 because I have not taught her beyond. With this exercise she learnt it can be possible to be divided by 2 and might be possible to be divided by 4. (I would say she tried to give me another set of equation in the form of addition is a good imitative taken by her.) And by the way, all the timetable written on the working paper is provided by Yvette.

She is hooked by this exercise and after her nap, we did another round of learning thru this activity again.

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0787

Maths Sorting Games - IMG_0788

I am not mathematics expert. I do whatever I can with Yvette and impart her with all the knowledge I have. By been able to pick up the concept fast is all by her own intelligent and certainly they are still a lot more to learn.

P/S: Maths is a subject that really doesn’t require much preparation. As long as  you know what to teach and must have the necessary tools at home. (will share the “tool” soon.)


6 thoughts on “A Sorting Game Is Also A Maths Lesson

  1. Hi there,

    Stumbled over here from JJ Mummy’s blog. Finds Yvette very familar and upon browsing your blog, I think we have met briefly at JGC when we went for a trial. I think you have very good efforts at teaching your child maths. Maybe because you are an accountant. I’m better with my language, and probably that’s why my sons are good at making sentences and not too good with maths as very few maths concepts have been introduced from me. I’m getting some good ideas from here! Thanks!

    • Renelik,

      I think I know who you are. As not many class we been we saw twins coming for class.

      Thanks for dropping by my site and hope to see you more often. I hope my idea will continue to motive to teach your children more on Maths. Something I never plan for but I got a good result from it.

    • Which part you don’t understand??? Haha… let me teach you ok? 1 to 1 lesson! Kick in extra for you doing P&L and Balance Sheet!!! Hee hee hee!!

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