Term 2 With Mac’s Music School (Lesson 3)

We did a fair bit of revision on the Left hand and Right hand today. Somehow the tots had forgotten the left the right hand even Teacher Elaine had kept telling them. Anyway, it is really fun in the music lesson. A lot of singing and 10 mins of Keyboard that will sum up a day lesson.

We have a mini celebration in class for Crystal. Her actual birthday is on Mon. The kids were really happy to eat the cupcakes which were baked by me.

Music 3 - IMG_0765

After the celebration we manage to catch a glimpse of Dora Show. We stand there to watch for 15 mins before we left.

Music 3 - IMG_0768

Yvette was happily sitting on D’s shoulder and she still enjoy sitting on it when we left Forum. This was the first time D carried Yvette on his shoulder and walked from Forum to Wheelock Place.

Music 3 - IMG_0767

Music 3 - IMG_0770

We went Novena to get a pair of sport shoes for Yvette. And we had dinner at Kenny Rogers due to Yvette wanted to eat Corn.

Music 3 - IMG_0773

And here are all our purchase for the day and all are for Yvette.

Music 3 - IMG_0445


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