Books From Happy Cottage

I joined Mums@ Work (Singapore) and I find out many Mumpreneur. Thru there, I found out a websites that recommend Children books.

Happy Cottage not only specializes in providing Chinese Reading materials for young children, they even have little language tips on making learning mandarin fun for kids. Katherine, a mother of 2 young children and a former Chinese teacher personally selects the reading materials featured. She only picks those that are interesting, visually appealing and educational. (Quote this from the latest newsletter.)

Anyway, this is how I got to know Happy Cottage. I clicked on the link and brought me to her site. I was really happy to find some books that I like.

I made my order with her by browsing thru her site and sent her a mail. I order 2 set of 婴幼儿生活游戏识字 (under 0 to 2 & 3 to 4 yo) and a set of 暖房子绘本.关于爱的故事:亲情篇 (8 to 10 yo).

Although I have many books for early reading but I still find 婴幼儿生活游戏识字 useful. There are still some words in the book that never introduce in my collection. And I love the sentence in the book that illustrate the word.



As for why I buy 暖房子绘本.关于爱的故事:亲情篇 – I have this title at home Snuggle Up, Sleepy One and totally in love with the illustration. Then I got this title – 《当我们在一起时》from Kino and totally fall in love with it after I read thru.


Today I finally received her books and was really happy. But there was a small episode of disappointment. She only sent me a set of 婴幼儿生活游戏识字. After reading thru the book, I decided to add on another set. I tried to call her but she didn’t pick up the phone (she did return my call eventually) and at the same time, I sent her a SMS. She responded and out of goodwill, she promised to send my additional order and the set she missed out the next day with free postage.

I hope to receive them soon so that I can pass it to Crystal’s mummy and Stella. (Yes, I brought them for my friend’s children.)

Lastly the only downside of the 婴幼儿生活游戏识字 is, the book is too flimsy.

P/S: I don’t know the seller personally. I just find her book and her service is good for me to pen down my experience.


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