Yvette’s Tiny Talk – 2

It been so long I didn’t capture this development here. (The last update was here.) As Yvette is really vocal, her speech usually caught us off guard.

We played Snake and Ladder and my lucky girl manage to win me in a very short time – 7 moves.

Tiny Talk 2 - IMG_0748

Amazingly I exclaimed, “Yvette you win so fast!” and my less humble girl replied, “mama, you lose so fast!!!”



15 thoughts on “Yvette’s Tiny Talk – 2

    • Sam,

      This game only got 3 rules.

      Throw dice, move forward.
      See ladder go up.
      See snake tail come down.

      I don’t see why JR who is so smart in my eye can’t pick up the rule.

      • My son cannot understand why he has to go backwards. He’s not very smart, actually. I’ve already noticed from young that he is slower than most kids. Now, that’s why I always say that ALL kids can be trained from exposure!

        • Oh my goodness, he can read so well and play violin and piano at this age still slow.

          I really don’t what to say! *Stomp my feet!*

  1. none of that is unusual….all due to exposure. My friend’s son at the very same age of 2 was playing much more difficult songs purely by hearing and with absolutely no earlier guidance/exposure. That, is intelligent, lah. And there are kids reading 3 and 4 languages – if you just read the online forums/videos, plus knowing lots of encyclopedic facts.

    The friend who recommended me the WinktoLearn videos, her daughter was doing Algebra at 2.

  2. For him, it’s a matter of “too young”, at least for him. To him, it’s like “RULE??!!! what’s that?! who cares!”. Well, actually even my other kids don’t really care about rules. Like, “so what if you say I cannot? I still MUST do it that way”.

  3. you sure won’t want boys, huh? HAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then, my girl also not so “guai” either.

    • I force Yvette to accept this rule. She wanted us to play with her so no choice got to accept the rule. Initially everything also wrong la. Like you said, exposure ma, so she want then got to obey.

      Aiya dont know will have baby number 2 or not. Never think want to have boy or girl.

  4. You said “if cannot follow rule, then don’t play” … so since he cannot follow rule, so “don’t play”, lor. That’s why we are not able to play it. ;P

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