Books Yvette Read in May 2011

Bear with me, I am trying to update my sites with more milestones entries. Thus it will be all about learning & reading. I can’t do much honestly due to my working commitment, housework and my health. Thus, I really depend a lot on reading and D will help to expand Yvette’s knowledge by explaining to her. Luckily Yvette is actually a versatile person – No fix learning style for Yvette. Yvette can be Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic learner.

Yvette fall in love with Margaret Wild book. Simple sentence structure and rich illustration won her heart. Somehow I just couldn’t find Piglet and Mama from the library.

Books read in May 2011 - IMG_0450

And most importantly, she learn Billion is a 1 with 9 zeros!

Books read in May 2011

I skipped Level 2 of Ladybug reading series. Yvette has totally no problem reading these books with me and she could even answers the questions about the book at the back of the book. A foundation had set for her comprehension.

Books read in May 2011 - IMG_0456

Lastly, for Chinese, we are reading the last few books of 皮皮狗.

Books read in May 2011 - IMG_0459


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